At LISSE AFRICA, we don’t TAKE CHANCES, neither do we SUSPECT, we just VERIFY.
We operate by the understanding that people should be what they claim to be especially when safety is of the essence.

Our background check approach leaves no stone unturned as we verify and verify until we find
out every detail.

  • Background Screening Creates Trust: According to a Career Builder survey, 38% of employees have lied about their previous job responsibilities. Additionally, applicants can have fake diplomas, work histories, or references. Implementing a comprehensive background screening program helps the applicant start his or her position with your company off on the right foot by establishing a transparent relationship.
  • Background Screening Reduces Loss: Employee theft is a massive problem with one study reporting that 95% of employees steal from their employers. It is on the rise, and Business News Daily names poor pre-employment screening as one of the reasons. Knowing about previous theft convictions up front can help you make your hiring decision
    with material facts.
  • Better Candidates Lead to Better Employees: Employers who utilize pre-employment screening as a part of their recruitment process realize a number of important benefits. One of those benefits is a general improvement in the quality of applicants which ultimately leads to better workers, higher productivity, increased quality, and lower employee
  • Background Screening Reduces Your Exposure to Liability: By having a comprehensive background screening process in place, you can reduce your liability and exposure to negligent hiring. But what does that really mean? Negligent hiring liability holds employers of all sizes responsible for what they do know, but also what they should
    have known about their employee. Without having all of the facts available to you, you canopen up your business to a negligent hiring.

We understand that nobody is perfect but one principle we operate by is that, no matter how imperfect you, always come clean and we will fish out the ugliest thing about you. Not nice right?

Every employer or individual has the right to know whom they are dealing with at every point in time so as to build trust that has lost in the society. So that is why we have tailored these solutions to build trust among different parties.

1. Residential Address Verification: This is a verification of the documented residential address of the candidate

2. Employment History Verification: This is a verification of the candidate’s previous work experiences as documented on the Curriculum Vitae.

3. Guarantors Background Verification: This is a thorough check on the guarantors of a candidate.

4. Educational Qualification Verification: People carry a lot of fake credentials around these days that is why we ensure that every credential presented by a candidate is genuine by verifying them.

We also have more specific tailor maid verifications;
5. Drivers Background Verification: This is a thorough verification of a driver before you handover the keys to your car to him/her.

Domestic Staff Background Verification: According to reports, most of the kidnappings these days are carried out with the help of insiders, so before you allow that person into your house, let us do a thorough background check to know if they are of questionable character.

7. Technicians Background Verification: This is a tailor maid verification service for all technicians to verify their training claims, work experiences and residential address.

8. Vendors Background Verification: There are a lot of cases of people defrauding people these days, so before you go into business with that individual or company, let us verify them if they are for real.