Hiring just the right housekeeper can be life-altering for the busy family. Now this may seem to be a little over-the-top, but I am serious. Think about your life-whether single, a couple or a family-you have no time. No time to keep your home as organized or clean as you would like. No time to do the smaller tidying jobs that would make a huge difference.

Maybe you struggle to fold laundry, clean ovens and counter tops, or scrub bathrooms. Maybe you need to clean your house fast for a party, need a hotel maid to help scrub motel rooms, or are looking for a professional to help with hospital housekeeping.

It seems cliched to say it, but often we let things slip through the cracks. We spend too much time thinking about them, too much energy worrying about them. You deserve a house cleaner or home maker to make your life easier. You deserve professional house cleaning, or a dedicated housekeeper.

And here enters great housekeeping. Now to be realistic, all relationships whether working or personal, have a starting point, and with the right match, can grow into something much more. It is certainly so with a new housekeeper. You look for certain qualities in a person, offer them a job and hope that it was a good choice.

But what are those qualities in a housekeeper that give you the best chance for a great match-up? To answer this I went to the opinions of my friends. I asked each of them the same question. “What is the one quality that you would have to have to see when hiring a new housekeeper?” Below, I’ve distilled down their answers.

Personal Qualities of a Great Housekeeper

Hardworking First and foremost, you need a clean house. When you’re evaluating a candidate, make sure you’re comfortable they’ll put in the time and energy necessary for a polished home cleaning.

Often, you’ll be leaving you home unprotected when house cleaning comes by. The hallmark of an expert housekeeper is the commitment to professional, trustworthy conduct. If they’re working as a live-in maid or cleaner this is especially important. Similarly, part-time hotel maids and hospital cleaning staff have a key responsibility that requires a deep level of trust.

If you provide clear instruction, will your house cleaning staff pay attention? You want to ensure that, if you’re paying a part-time cleaner, they’re committed to reaching every last corner and crevice.

There will be times when you need something cleaned last minute. A loyal cleaner won’t think twice about this, so long as they are free. Similarly, your housekeeper is a person themselves – and may have other challenges in their life. A loyal cleaner won’t cancel at the last moment.

Life is never as planned. The best housekeeper is one who will make every effort to help you and your family succeed.

It’s easy for a careless housekeeper to break or lose things that have meaning to you. The best maids care for your home as if it were their own. Hopefully you can find someone who will do the same!

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