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Support Staff Recruitment

Searching for suitable talent, sifting through CVs, responding to candidates, arranging interviews and checking references are all very necessary but time-consuming and costly exercises. This is where our services come in to save our clients the stress and time required to recruit and help them focus on core business issues.

Employee Background Checks

At LISSE AFRICA, we don’t TAKE CHANCES, neither do we SUSPECT, we just VERIFY. We operate by the understanding that people should be what they claim to be especially when safety of the essence. Our background check approach leaves no stone un-turned as we verify and verify until we find out every detail.

Staff Documentattion

We take the workload off clients by taken down every detail of the staff. This is to ensure proper documentation and easy retrieval of staff details when the need arises. By engaging our documentation services, businesses will reduce their operating cost and also ensure that the company is compliant with various regulatory laws in that industry.


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